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Friday, April 01, 2005

Birmingham whistleblower facing deselection

The MP for Birmingham Sparkbrook & Small Heath Roger Godsiff (Labour), is facing a last-minute selection ballot, after having publicly complained about alleged electoral malpractice that has led to 6 Labour councillors being put on trial. Some of the practices included:

“During campaigning in the ward, regular phone calls were made to the police by people complaining about the pressure that they were being put under,” he said. “A postman complained to his superiors that the brother of one of the candidates had offered him £500 for his sack of postal votes.”

While claiming that the postal vote and electoral roll are secure, and no fraud in Birmingham has taken place, the Labour Party cannot seem to keep its own house in order - it is having difficulty maintaining an accurate list of party members in inner-city Birmingham for the reselection ballot.


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