Postal Voting

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

News round-up

Apologies again for an absence that was due to circumstance beyond my control. Here's some recaps in brief:

First off, John Hemming's bid failed, and had received very little coverage in the news as a result, although the Telegraph notes he still had the sympathy of the judge, who deferred any change to the politicians; given that our leaders refuse to acknowledge the problems, this doesn't leave me with very much hope.

Meanwhile, a Conservative councillor in Bradford is under investigation for registering 13 people at his own house, and another 12 at a derelict property he had allegedly co-owned.

Although the Government has promised an advertising campaign (is this where all the much-vaunted extra money to combat fraud is going?) in a weak attempt to make up for the lax rules on postal vote processing, election officials note that the deluge of votes they are expecting will make it hard to regulate. Things won't be helped by the fact that in Wales, they can't even get the envelopes to seal properly.


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