Postal Voting

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Postal voting irregularities all over the country

The Sunday papers have a set of articles on mistakes in postal voting nationwide. The Sunday Times highlights the case of Mohammed Akram, a Labour supporter who applied for voter forms on behalf of four of his neighbours, all of which were sent to his address. At least two of his neighbours were unaware that this had taken place, and will now be unable to vote on May 5.

In addition, irregularities in the process have been reported in Finchley & Golders Green, Glasgow, Blackburn and Bethnal Green & Bow. One voter in Norwich has been sent 14 papers, most for former residents of his address.

In addition, the Sunday Telegraph reports that in Basingstoke, people have been sent duplicate papers. 363 households have received two sets of papers. Basingstoke's majority at the last election was only 880. Meanwhile, a separate investigation demonstrates the insecurity of the system; it was able to get 11 ballot papers in different constituencies sent to the same residence in south west London, using simple forms and a fake signature.


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